Social Media – Inbound Marketing

Whether it is promotional material, advice pieces, event covers, or storytelling posts, let my digital marketing experience bring a new light of professionalism to your social media channel! I specialize in Facebook and Instagram marketing.  I’ve selected the following posts as they represent how I have developed my content to reinforce the brand image of both SNAP Financial Access and AmeriCorps.

When it comes to marketing and the content you use in your digital marketing, it is imperative that your content reflects and reinforces your brand. In order to do that in the following posts, I have 1) where possible kept the logo in the same place 2) using a set of similar fonts in all posts (SNAP has a specific brand font and in order to ensure branding consistency, I have set the standard font on our Canva portal to reflect SNAP branding and I have created templates for employee use that will keep branding consistent) and 3) using brand colors in posts and additional color to draw attention (i.e. SNAP = specific shade of red, AmeriCorp = yellow to draw the eye in and make the text the focal point).






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